Good morning Vietnam!!!
Nah… im kiddin’… i wanted to talk about something that I have been building and critically thinking for some time now…
Many people say that I am always negative or going against everything thrown at me and the only reason for my arguments is just to be the opposition,
which in some perspective it might seem that way and maybe in some way it is…
But, to understand a little bit of why I am this way you gotta understand my background both genetic and childhood.
We will start with my genetic formation…
My dad is kind of a Dick really,
most of the times he is mean and will only talk to you nicely for a few days before he is going to ask you for something
or you know someone is going to come visit and he wants to make the best impression (EVEN though he says he doesnt care, everyone knows he does)
BUT, then again he knows “stuff” or at least “thinks” he knows stuff which makes him kind of a member or society
My mom on the other hand, is the most noble, sacrificing, caring person…. those kinds of people that are hard to find now a days. but she is really naive into thinking
people can change and always deserve one more chance even if you disappointed her a million times before.
so ever since i was little, living with my parents always showed me how two different people can really be just One (me).
I grew knowing and thinking in a two-way system. I could see the two sides of an issue and decide which side i would lean on instead of having just one way of thinking.
It is hard for most people to try and understand the other party, even though we pretend to want the best for the other person before us.
WE as people tend to want to portray this notion of being noble and caring instead of actually doing it.

So next i will list a few things that i wont do if a friend comes to me with BF/GF problems.
1- I will not re enforce your ideas, i will give my own and try to give suggestions as to what might have happen.
2- I will not Agree with you because that is what is wrong now a days, everyone wants to pick sides on this issue, what if your friend is wrong?
3- I wont say, “this will pass, everything will be okay” what? that does not fix a damn thing!!!
4- If you ask me what i think, make sure thats what you want because you will probably end up upset with me

NOW, It is important to know that i dont have a negative mentality towards life, actually in reality i am the most optimistic person you will ever meet, but i have to say i am disappointed
because we are doomed as a specie. We are so concerned on listening what everyone is listening or buying the best clothes or using the most make up that we forget
we are people. we engage in these activities and clubs telling everyone we stand for something instead of actually doing something about it.
We drink alcohol before we are allowed to because it makes us seem cool. We get drunk and think its the most amazing thing ever.
We post on facebook conversations we have with our significant other because we want people to know that our relationship is awesome when in reality it holds no importance significance.
Meanwhile, overseas we have countrymen dying right now, we have a huge deficit in this country, the rich get richer and the poor get worse, Democrats and Republicans fighting against each other,
people carrying signs saying they are glad soldiers die in wars, AND no one seems to notice, no one seems to care…
they are more excited to what happens in The Jersey Shore or who got pregnant in the local high school.
So when people think that i am just negative all the time, i smile and think to myself, “its okay, they maybe are just ignorant” and just go on with my day
because I HATE PEOPLE. I enjoy individuals but i really dislike People. people are boring.
Individuals are exciting and you can have a nice conversation with them without having to point out you marital status.