well as the titles screams… i have a few new songs…
my man “Hurricane” is producing my music now a days and so i want to record with him as much as possible but time is just not my friend,
so, in order to keep up with “IT” out of 5 song lyrics ill be posting right now tell me which 1 (ONE) looks nice or whatevs! and ill record that one…
as I post this “post” (haha) my buddy is finishing my “new/old” song “Sad 2 Say” so ill soon be posting it here too so keep checking my blog….
i know i rumble all the time about posting soon and stuff but this summer was crazy and i just havent had enough time… (HUGE LIE RIGHT THERE)
so without any further Freddy Adu here are three of my most recent songs….

(true self)
so much to say
and i cant see you
so much to do
and you walk away
so much to show
without feeling lucky
and sad to say
i have nothing to give

there are some times
id like to punch walls
and then there are times
id like to build a few
there are the moments
id walk a thousand miles
but beats me the times
im too tired to move

so show me a way
i beg you, martyr
show me a sign
ill try not to be blind
give me a reason
to keep on livin’
give me a minute
to show my true self

(description: ive always had the idea of this 16 year old kid moving out of home with hopes and dreams, only to realize he is nobody. with everything they wanted to achieve being broken down. in a part this song describes the thoughts going through his head on a random day)
PS: any thoughts, ideas, suggestions you guys have inbox me or post them please… greatly appreciated….
(at this point is all the same)
so did you find what, you were looking for
was it everything, you expected
was there a powerfull reason for you stay
was it rainbows and smiles the promise?

can you look at me and say you’re okay
and so without a tear can you walk away?
see its not that simple for me these days
thinking about you from may to may

and so as always, i run and hide…
trapping my feelings with deceving emotions
and sorry, if i pushed you away
sadly its what i do, when im afraid

Description: this one shees… is hard to explain because its one of those when i was in my “INfamous, dark days” so its weird when i go back and look at it because there was so many things going through my head at those times….
(dat ol’ pop song)

Sometimes we can be happy with what we got
Sometimes we can be happy for our dreams
Sometimes we can almost swear its pure luck
Well I wanna be happy cuz of you

And of course you can, say ill forget about you
Once you’re gone, but I know my truth, ur my medicine

Once in my life I feel relieved,
Nothing held inside, nothing to keep
You make any room feel bright
I barely know you but I feel your light

And of course you can, say ill forget about you
Once you’re gone, but I know my truth, ur my medicine

Everything thing about you feels so right
And ive seen you once but that’s alright,
There’s no going back, going back
Everything about you makes me smile
Everything seems like its better
Would just stay here, lets never look back, never look back

Description: the titles says it all…. a girl i thought was the cutest thing in the world this summer haha….enjoy….