Would have never thought this would happen!!! enjoy!

you know at one point of my young young young young life i was listening to this song and i think i finally understood this song entirely…
and i get it…
i get it…..!!!
love IS more than words… now i cant stand when someone says those words to their loved ones… another way how music affects me…
More Than Words- Extreme

oh… this goes back to the good times… my older brother had a black stratus and we would cruize with this song… it used to be the best….

so the song below explains how i used to be pretty much….
people say time and places change ppl….
but i doubt its that….
i think experiences makes us atone and bend to how society wants us to be….
it doesnt mean we have changed… we are just more acceptable to the public…
some people would argue that it takes away personality…
but the truth is that it gives us access to stuff we wouldnt get if we showed our true selves….
NOW!!! im not trying to discourage people on being who they are and if you know me you will find out
that i am quite the opposite…. i love being who i am… and i wouldnt change for anyone or anything…
all i am saying we have to know when to act or be a certain way….
the doors literally open to you to opportunities because of how you behave around other people….
meanwhile… listen to this song… i think it tells a lot if you read between the lines….

So asking friends for favorite songs is so interesting to see what they like but also predictable for the most part anyway…
You know, you get to know a lot from a person for certain types of songs they like or the stage of their lives they may be going through…
It is the tunes we choose what identify our moods, personality or attitudes towards life and how we see it.
Now a days people just go with popular music because they know they will be accepted and they want to be “cool” but they forget to be themselves…
FOR THE MOST PART people are afraid of choosing who they are so they let popular music be the judges and they just got for the first choice….
Media has us by the HUEVOS RANCHEROS now a days, and they want to dictate what we do and how we act…. !
Not to be a jerk here are the some fav songs by few friends….
Check them out maybe you will like a few of them….