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So Ive been wanted to talk about this band for DECADES!!!! ha…
This band is one of my faves and its interesting to listen to their older music
and compare it to their new album and i gotta say its worth listening to them…
even if you are not per say a rock fan i think you will get to a point where you will like
some of their songs…
Obviously i came to this band as an accident listening to PXNDX which IS my fav.
well this song is called Un Lugar Mejor from their DVD Album “Desde El Cielo”
enjoy! leave comments or suggestions below and ill try to make it happen 😉


Random things that tickle my though every once in a while….

Our decisions/choices

You know what the problem is now a days?
We can never be ourselves, most people just shut us down when we think differently.
I mean what’s the whole big deal about not wanting to get married in a church?
I think if I have the guts to admit it, It’s a good enough reason not to do it.
I think people who get married in a church, do it with the most grace and happiness and it-
came out of their heart.
I honestly don’t get the same feeling. Is that so bad?
And I mean, I have always respected other people’s religious beliefs and everything, so why-
does everything around me bombards me about the topic.

Another thing, why is it almost mandatory to have an awesome idea of what you want in your life and pursue it.
I mean, I wish I could own like an island and have like 50 employees and I could boss them into doing things
i didn’t care in the first place, but its just an idea.
Whats wrong with wanting for things to play out.
It does not mean I am in any way being lazy, I just want to enjoy the view while my life slowly decays.

How about,the age thing.
(I can only speak from own experience so this may not apply to you)

Okay, I get it that I am 22. Fine. Sure. What ever. But, so?
Look, every time friends or relatives I haven’t seen in a long time ask me how I am doing.
I’m good. I have good friends, I’m getting back on reading every night.
I am still make stupid jokes and can never shut up.
reminds me of chandler in a twisted way, except I’m not white, but hey, at least I’m still funny.
What do they say you may ask. well they tell you they’re married, engaged, expecting, or have the baby.
And if you’re a guy, your new car.
or something car related, we like to talk about cars I guess… well if you’re me for short bursts because I
am useless with anything pertaining to car, except changing the and small stuff, anyway…
It’s either the car, or the stereo for the car, or the rims for the car. or the game… there’s always a game to talk about, always!

And the final thing that ticks me off. Masculinity.
Having a Ford 1350 does not make you a badass.
beating someone with a bat because someone cut you in line is a badass!
But in all sincerity, so what if I drive a Pt Cruiser? I love it! It’s great!!!!
I dont waste much gas, its manual, v4. It performs its purpose.
plus IT has A Rise Against sticker so that just bumped it to a v4.9 WATCH OUT!!!
life is not being the most badass (although as I’ve stated so many times, my click is badass… all of them)
Life is about learning, and always become better as a person. come on people.

“just because you live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”

I remember the promise
I remember your voice
Everything that we hoped for
and how you decided that in my life
i needed control

I remember our moments
I remember this town
Every time we would hide
Every time we would run
to just so we could be all alone

And now at night
when I’m just laying down
I can notice the clouds saying
I’ve been alone all along

Tell me tonight if I need to hide
Or if I need to run
Everything seems boring
Without you my heart’s numb

I remember you leaving
Tears running down your face
you said “Don’t forget about me,
Cuz i’ll be there when you most need a friend”

And then last night
I needed just that
No where to catch you
No where to find you
I have lost… my love

Please let me talk a bit,
I get it, you made your point
but you’re the only one to make me smile
I cant believe we got to the point
where we cant even talk
and i know, this is the last time…

let me explain, can’t you see that i’m dying
if i talk everything will make sense
we’re sort of like rain
every drop of water matters
or the whole storm loses its strength

you lost your dream of both of us
now its just a nightmare
i get it, i understand
but this is my attempt to explain

we never should of lied
you thought your stories would stick
i guess i should trie to think the same
you know me im the best when it comes to trick

let me explain, can’t you see that i’m dying
if i talk everything will make sense
we’re sort of like rain
every drop of water matters
or the whole storm loses its strength

Relationship status is the most awesome way to show ur true colors did you know that?
its strange how things turn out to be…
One minute you’re in a trampoline, the next you end up having to throw away presents… 😛
not neccessarily but yes… ha

So there’s this story that reminds me of one of my fav movies… ” 500 (days of summer)
In which pretty much the guy gets played by the girl he loves.
The plot of this movie is about this dude that cant get over Summer( the girl),
and basically he tells their story about how they became “friends” and everything they do…
No the movie itself isnt a complete reflection of what happened in my story but it can (in a shell) describe it,
and here’s why….

I’ve always had a hard time with people’s dishonesty you know?, if you trully don’t care for a guy or girl,
why go through so much crap and expect everything in return….
BTW, i got a question for the forum(you guys)
Can you really go back to being friends after a break up or after a kiss etc…?
I mean honestly, how can you still be friends if you feel/felt something special for that one person…
How can anyone be so selfish to think they can have multiple ppl behind them and still be attached to someone..
NOT TO MENTION, reasons why not go out with someone and then ignore them with someone else….
WHICH, in a full circle comes back to being honest with that person….

I mean how can someone be selfish enough to be comfortable looking in the eyes of someone
who could have tried their hardest to make them happy and say
“I think it’d be better if we were just friends cuz im dating someone else” ??
thats a special power if you asked me…
how can ppl lie through their teeth and still keep a straight face?

thats why ppl end up breaking windows, putting sugar in gas tanks and wrecking cars (sigh)
thats why ppl stop believing in love or starts to not care for the feeling…
thats why its so freaking hard to fall in love (quote from HITCH [i think lol])
thats why we try to not put ourselves out there and just hold back 90% of us…
because of situations like these… when you do everything and even though
you dont expect anything in return, it hurts….

so guys… post, email me, txt me, call me… send me smoke signals about your thoughts…
cuz i care… im a careFULL! cuz i care! hehe…

remember… just cuz you breath, does not mean you are living…

So cool things are starting to happen around these days,
It almost seems like nice days are coming back again….
You know that period of time when you just feel “okay”?
knowing also, that you WILL be “okay”
that’s how i feel…
It almost seems like my artificial depression is finnaly going away (sigh) =)

IN OTHER NEWS!….. I saw tons of people today…

So i wanted to do something a lil bit personal (if anything) for this blog….
I actually have been thinking about this girl, who i dont want to disclose a name….
but, it got me thinking about everything i like/dislike pertaining to girls and i told
one of my best friend girls and she said i was picky and i would never find a girl
that would fit my standards, which she is COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!
there are so many things i hate and like…..
but then i took myself out of the picture… and started thinking….. hhmmm…
maybe its something we all share… maybe its a universal thing…

….. In other words, i will post 5 things i like and 5 things i dont like and maybe give a little detail
about the opposite sex and hopefully you guys will leave comments including your ten things as well
and see if we match up a few….

5:Outgoing… i dont mean someone who is never home, i got my lazy days myself but i don’t like “Naturally born boring ppl” 😛
4:Playful: It kinda has to do with #5, i like playing around so i dont like seriousness ha…
3:smart: Self explanatory, i don’t mean Einstein smart, just have common sense….
2:someone who likes music: i think if someone says they hate a certain genre has no taste in music, there are songs i like that dont have anything to do with how i am, and make no mistake, music refects everyone….
1:Good sense of Humor: The biggest one, i think that is a must anywhere!

Dislikes…. (oh boy)
5:Ivy Queen nails: OMG i hate this!!! long ass nails look suitable for hoes only… sorry…
4:amazingly long hair: idk why i hate this… i just do… lol…
3:bashful: a bit shy is fine, but c’mon! lol…
2:Cockiness: this one pertains more to a girl knowing she is hot and everyone wants to hook up with her…. BIG NO NO!!! if you’re pretty dats good… have a bit humility though… 🙂
1:Makeup: i dont mind it… but when you shed a tear, break a sweat, or take a hoody off and you can see a few inches deep of makeup… a girl is pretty either way…

well there you go folks… comment with your opinion… lets see what ppl hate haha……

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What it is PPL!!!! well today is monday… great way to start a week is by starting to go to the gym!!!…
starting to get rid of those holiday pounds gained ya’ll…
also getting in shape for this year’s soccer season….
i was wondering what to say in this day because nothing really important has happened in my life that inspires me….
but, i got a story to tell… i have changed the names to cover people involved but its rather funny, but you wont know why… ha….

so this guy… lets call him… Justin (HAHA)… was walking down the hall one day in school… and he ran into this girl… lets call her…. #1
so he said nothing because he was shy right… but she wasnt cuz she is “friendly” and stuff… with everyone…
so it turns out they would have the same class right…. so they sat close to each other and they become friends….
REALLY great friends i should say… and so time passes and she starts going out with this guy (doughe bag) and he cheats on her constantly…
#1 asks justin to help her find out if its true that he is cheating on her…. they find out its true… she cries and leaves him… meanwhile justin and his gf
break up for some odd reason that till this day is unknown.
so they start to hang out… she is hurt and so is he… but suddenly his heart starts to shine everytime he sees #1…
OH NO!!! trouble…!!! thats all he starts thinking… because he considers her a great friend… so Justin scared for his life consults with his best friend… we will call him… Kumar (lmao)
Kumar tells Justin to go for it… that he has nothing to lose…
so Justin starts asking her out and they start hanging outside of school…
and they stick you know… they understand each other… its going great… nothing to hide… nothing to keep secret…
untill one day he tells her he likes her… she gets emberrassed because she could feel that becoming true…

during one december Justin’s parents decide to go on vacation to…. lets say… umm… idk Egypt…
so Justin has to decide wether to stay or not… a day before he has to decide he talks to #1 and she says it would be nice to spend the holidays together….
OH NO!!! there it goes again… he ends up staying in his house, alone, with 100 bucks…
every day they would hang out… and everything was cool… but one day she decides to go to his house and stay there for a while… (that means trouble, and he knows)
so they start watching the movie “A walk to remember” they love it and in the middle of the movie she turns to look at Justin and he reaches close to her and kisses her…
she lights up like the fourth of July… he starts to get excited… sure he had felt great things for other girls but Justin thinks this is the one….
time passes and they have the time of their lives… they enjoy being with each other and take of each other when one’s sick…
its wonderfull….
but the ex comes back… he wants her back… and she gets confused… he starts to doubt if she ever felt anything for him….

she leaves… she tells Justin that being friends would be better… OBVIOUSLY Justin refuses…
she cries…
he is important to her… she is his life…

time passes… the ex and #1 get together as predicted….
he is in his dark stages of life…
he doesnt care about anyone or anything…

he isolates himself and starts resenting relationships….
the idea of love dies slowly…
now he doesnt smile, he doesnt laugh… he just is…
dismisses any girl that might bring back those feelings….
and he hide in his shade…

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