Random things that tickle my though every once in a while….

Our decisions/choices

You know what the problem is now a days?
We can never be ourselves, most people just shut us down when we think differently.
I mean what’s the whole big deal about not wanting to get married in a church?
I think if I have the guts to admit it, It’s a good enough reason not to do it.
I think people who get married in a church, do it with the most grace and happiness and it-
came out of their heart.
I honestly don’t get the same feeling. Is that so bad?
And I mean, I have always respected other people’s religious beliefs and everything, so why-
does everything around me bombards me about the topic.

Another thing, why is it almost mandatory to have an awesome idea of what you want in your life and pursue it.
I mean, I wish I could own like an island and have like 50 employees and I could boss them into doing things
i didn’t care in the first place, but its just an idea.
Whats wrong with wanting for things to play out.
It does not mean I am in any way being lazy, I just want to enjoy the view while my life slowly decays.

How about,the age thing.
(I can only speak from own experience so this may not apply to you)

Okay, I get it that I am 22. Fine. Sure. What ever. But, so?
Look, every time friends or relatives I haven’t seen in a long time ask me how I am doing.
I’m good. I have good friends, I’m getting back on reading every night.
I am still make stupid jokes and can never shut up.
reminds me of chandler in a twisted way, except I’m not white, but hey, at least I’m still funny.
What do they say you may ask. well they tell you they’re married, engaged, expecting, or have the baby.
And if you’re a guy, your new car.
or something car related, we like to talk about cars I guess… well if you’re me for short bursts because I
am useless with anything pertaining to car, except changing the and small stuff, anyway…
It’s either the car, or the stereo for the car, or the rims for the car. or the game… there’s always a game to talk about, always!

And the final thing that ticks me off. Masculinity.
Having a Ford 1350 does not make you a badass.
beating someone with a bat because someone cut you in line is a badass!
But in all sincerity, so what if I drive a Pt Cruiser? I love it! It’s great!!!!
I dont waste much gas, its manual, v4. It performs its purpose.
plus IT has A Rise Against sticker so that just bumped it to a v4.9 WATCH OUT!!!
life is not being the most badass (although as I’ve stated so many times, my click is badass… all of them)
Life is about learning, and always become better as a person. come on people.

“just because you live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”