Relationship status is the most awesome way to show ur true colors did you know that?
its strange how things turn out to be…
One minute you’re in a trampoline, the next you end up having to throw away presents… 😛
not neccessarily but yes… ha

So there’s this story that reminds me of one of my fav movies… ” 500 (days of summer)
In which pretty much the guy gets played by the girl he loves.
The plot of this movie is about this dude that cant get over Summer( the girl),
and basically he tells their story about how they became “friends” and everything they do…
No the movie itself isnt a complete reflection of what happened in my story but it can (in a shell) describe it,
and here’s why….

I’ve always had a hard time with people’s dishonesty you know?, if you trully don’t care for a guy or girl,
why go through so much crap and expect everything in return….
BTW, i got a question for the forum(you guys)
Can you really go back to being friends after a break up or after a kiss etc…?
I mean honestly, how can you still be friends if you feel/felt something special for that one person…
How can anyone be so selfish to think they can have multiple ppl behind them and still be attached to someone..
NOT TO MENTION, reasons why not go out with someone and then ignore them with someone else….
WHICH, in a full circle comes back to being honest with that person….

I mean how can someone be selfish enough to be comfortable looking in the eyes of someone
who could have tried their hardest to make them happy and say
“I think it’d be better if we were just friends cuz im dating someone else” ??
thats a special power if you asked me…
how can ppl lie through their teeth and still keep a straight face?

thats why ppl end up breaking windows, putting sugar in gas tanks and wrecking cars (sigh)
thats why ppl stop believing in love or starts to not care for the feeling…
thats why its so freaking hard to fall in love (quote from HITCH [i think lol])
thats why we try to not put ourselves out there and just hold back 90% of us…
because of situations like these… when you do everything and even though
you dont expect anything in return, it hurts….

so guys… post, email me, txt me, call me… send me smoke signals about your thoughts…
cuz i care… im a careFULL! cuz i care! hehe…

remember… just cuz you breath, does not mean you are living…